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Birds of Paradise

by Bustié

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Trace my curves, with your serpent mouth Bite the apple, and thrash about. In gardens, where we play. Birds of paradise bloom from our ways. In the night, demons flock to see. You & I sink our teeth. In corrupted flesh Leaving nothing left. Like slaves to kings, we only worship on our knees. Fill the chalice with desire, in the dawn, you'll expire. Raise the blade, to the sky. Now you may drink, from my thighs.
Disconnect, from the soul. Liberate, from control. Conversion, to perversion. Eradicate, the status quo. Deconstruction, of the mind. Deconstruction, of the body. Feel the force from within, united as one grimly forming. We will make our home, wherever we will roam. We are built to last, our freak flags never masked.
Troth 03:36
Pain, takes form. We melt, as one. Our sins, are shared, Our lives, are done. Take, my claws Safety, is gone. Escapade, at night They kill, our young. Bound forever in a twisted daze, what's left of our souls, mate til the end of days. With vows, blood i'll drain. Our bodies melt, as we dance with flame. Bound by thorns, we'll die in lust. Our ashes smolder, into the dust.
Hunted by the sick egotistical race, They classify us as the fucking plague. Throw us in cages, our kinds a disgrace, endless hatred based on color of face. Told we are worth nothing thats how it begins, a lesser race in this country I'm in. Told we are inferior, how ugly our skin, the way I was born was the greatest sin. Committing, this foul genocide, Chasing, to end you & I. Taking, the land that was mine, Killing, in the name of pride. No time like the present to put up a fight, no better place to live & survive. Free us from these shackles, no more of this cage. Hunters now the hunted, we will not be slain. Committing, this foul genocide, Chasing, to end you & I. Taking, the land that was mine. Killing, in the name of pride.
Feast your body on this wondrous sensation Each pump you give, i am restored. A fever traveling across the nation, a lust to explore all of my holes. Slide the blade across my heart if you wan't more, Each drop of blood worships your queen. Confess to me sins you feared to speak. Pray for your soul that I keep. When you cum inside, my demons, howl for more. Lose yourself in all of my blasphemy, try a taste of my immorality I'll give you the hunger, for all of eternity. Angels fall from heaven, with my lack of humanity.
Welcome to the new world order A race, with our own disorder. On the street lifeless meat. Head count held by a thread Nations leaders rest in bed The flag that raised once so high Burn down in sorrow, no more life Creation to cease to exist. Time spent with microchips. Hearts of many beat the lewd In shadows forming seekers of truth In numbers ready to strike We see through you Now we dig their graves, lay them, in the ground. They have led us not to be found Freedom rings, we hear no sound. Attempts to put us against the other, have now failed we see no color. Hearts of many beat the lewd In shadows forming seekers of truth In numbers ready to strike We see through you Now we dig their graves, lay them, in the ground.
I saw a light, you gave me life. What are these warming rays? That singe my skin? I'll suffer forever, just to breath you in. Our souls entwined birth the greatest sin, Fracture the laws and give in. When the waves come crashing down, I'll stand on shore, holding your crown. In the night I cry for you, I pledge to thee, my heart is true. Return to me, my true love. Before the sand is drenched in blood. I'll sell you my soul, if thats what you crave. In the middle of the night, when creatures rage. You howl inside of me, and dig my grave. In the night I cry for you, I pledge to thee my heart is true.
Kiss these vengeful lips with your rage, Load me up with power to annihilate those set to create the new age, They bring not hope, but a plague. Knight me your agent. Scorn for earth, Rampant from hell. Birth my extinction, My gift to expel, their Angelic Transitions to heaven's realm. Deny peace to lifes hackers and thieves, shackles and chains to replace so called wings In exchange I offer their infant blood. Drip to purify our land, now Desecrate this Klan.
Charmed 03:17
Hear now, the cries of whores, the anthems we scream into the night. Bless us now what's destined to be. The power in we, so mote it be. Drink the blood, from our veins. Welcome to your life, Eternal rage. An escapade under full moon. Pale light illuminates the nude. A communion of hearts now crude, unites us with a ritual so lewd. As the candle flickers, we get in the mood, to ravage your corpse. The bitch is in full bloom. Our silhouettes transform in the light, to a wonderous creature, with revenge in her sight. When our talons glide across your throat, a sea of blood to drown in, is the murder she wrote. We servants escort you to hell, feel now, the rage we dispel. These are the cries of whores, Face our eternal sting of, forlorn.
Negative One 03:48
Pluck the petals, from the flower. Suck my nectar, gain my power. Let the vines, tangle you, whilst mothers scent, captivates you. With your seed, comes new life, plant it now, restored by night. Shower me, with your hose, give me life & Watch it grow. Hell sent, the darkest rose, erotic odor, neurotic disorder. A poison kiss, to nail you in. Trapped in my garden, with other men. Serve your queen, feed her cream. Lifeless minions pollinate me.
I am the one who can't be seen. Lost in a world of shattered dreams. I am the one without a soul, a future of anguish to be told. I am the one born from hate, deep in shadows we procreate I am the one without a soul, theres nothing above and nothing bellow Cultivate our precious lives, Evacuate - The soul inside. Drain the blood. Fill with fear, for the king to rise. Sent off to battle for his malicious crimes.


released May 24, 2019

All songs written and produced by Pogo Pope.

Additional lyrics written and composed with Gina Kuhn on "Inferior & Slain"

Additional synths by Rosa Castillo and Alex Estrada
Additional guitar and percussion by Alex Estrada

Album engineered, co-produced and spiritually accompanied
by Alex Estrada @ Pale Moon Audio

Mastered by Jeff Swearengin


all rights reserved



Bustié New York, New York

Bustié is an electro-punk project formed by primary artist Pogo Pope. Heavily influenced by 80's Freestyle / Electro and UK Punk, Bustié craft a sound of socially conscious dance music that they coin as "Anarcho Body Music."

Their debut album "Birds of Paradise," is out now on CLIMAX! records.
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